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Public Sector

Public service interpreting is a demanding role that requires high levels of concentration, accurate transfer of information and the ability to deal effectively with sensitive issues, often with very little prior notice. Public service interpreters can be involved in a range of different situations assisting social workers, legal representatives, educational welfare officers and mental health practitioners, amongst others.

Public service translation requires high standards of written language transfer, coupled with an understanding of the social care systems in the UK and the ability to provide translated documents quickly in order to meet deadlines for meetings, assessments or court appearances.

Peak Translations offers:

  • DPSI qualified, experienced interpreters
  • NRPSI registered interpreters
  • Highly responsive service - most same-day assignments fulfilled
  • Native translators based in the UK
  • Fast turnaround of large documents, when required
Peak Translations
Peak Translations
Peak Translations

We can help with a wide range of projects within the Public Sector arena including:

Community Interpreting

  • Face-to-face meetings, assessments, case reviews
  • Home, hospital or prison visits
  • Parental liaison, contact sessions

Document translation

  • Reports
  • Care plans
  • Correspondence
  • Brochures and information booklets

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